maandag 20 augustus 2007

friday 18.00 - saturday 18.00

Friday 18.00; a good reason to have a beer with colleagues worldwide. So it is in Big City Biel. And in my former live, as a student, me and my friends from the fraternity developed the same habit. Last Friday I had the best of both worlds as Michael (mike) from Holland joined me and my new colleagues for beers and a laugh. Mike is studying at zurich's eth at the moment. We had dinner at some budget back packers place, with self made beer, teenagers at the table and nationalists (pnos) at the bar. Since a few days I have a fantastic new bike and now I used it to get our stuff home.

On the way back I got to know the amazingly strong brakes on this bastard; no such power should be at any mortal mans disposal; a sudden brake action made my bike stop at that exact place and time. I stopped a few meters later. I had flown. Fortunately, I have learned how to land on concrete and did not brake anything this time. For my scratches I found these really cool Swiss-flagged bandages as well. Later on we explored the Biel city night live in a place where 3 teenagers brought live music in Simply Red/ Joe Cocker covers style. Biel is small; The girl who helped me earlier that the at the “vermietungs agentur” showed up in the bar as well .

Next day we took the boat to Neuchatel. Because of the high water we had to do the last part by train, which gave us the opportunity to check out neuville first. Neuchatel is really a nice place to be. Hanging out with mike and the outstanding weather could have made the difference, but still; a really cool place, it is more of a city then Biel is. The image of the burning sun, made me think; If the sun is a sphere of burning gas, where does it get his oxygen from?

Mike is taking a nap now on the pavement near the neuchatel lake, while I am writing this post on my phone now; not a bad way to write single handedly. There should start some life street music in a moment, and we haven't had any beer yet as well (it is 18.00!).

We sat down for a few beers, as the street music festival started to roll. We were very lucky, since we coincidentally just happened to be at Neuchatel, and this turned out to be a small network of streets filled with musicians and beer drinking people. Drinks and food was sold amongst the crowd. My adventures during this street festival, as “the day after” and the amazing come-back of my right hand (swiss cheese included) will be brought to the stage of this blog tomorrow. Tada.

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Michael zei

It most certainly was an enjoyable weekend. Perhaps you could also share some thoughts on the black sheep metaphor... Or is that due in the saturday 18:00 - sunday 18:00 blog?

LdK zei

About the burning sun... is a fusion (kernfusie) process - doesn't use oxygen ...
Apologies if I state the obvious here.. just in case someone was still wondering..