vrijdag 1 februari 2008

Gespräch mit Gott?

Am 1.2.2008 10:11 Uhr schrieb "Reinout " an "SC"

Do you believe in coincidence?
I was just at the toilet, and one of the girls on the calander (yes, there is a calander), is called angelica. And i thought, mmm, that is a very cool song of lamb, and i did not hear it for a long time.
And now, of all the songs last.fm can play me (a few million i guess), what does it play? Unbelievable...
You can hear the song here:

Am 1.2.2008 10:19 Uhr schrieb "SC"
that's realy unbelivebole
thats why i belive in god that was no coincidence thats a sign!
or like i love to say it a present

Am 1.2.2008 10:30 Uhr schrieb "Reinout "
And now?
Should I sacrifice a lamb to an angle now?

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Anoniem zei

Seems to me it is a bit far fetched to believe in the existence of God. As long as we have the Sudans of this world I reckon he is not around. Couldn't it just be a quirk of fate?